We believe our producers and their animals deserve only the best – which is why we offer top-rated brands to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of our customers’ livestock operations.

Heartland Feed Services has a full line up of feed products and three mills that can mix and deliver feed directly to your farm. Our feed department includes all the products, supplies and ingredients, as well as the service and delivery to assist your operation. Bulk deliveries are available for your convenience.


Our swine feed programs are built with the producer in mind. Our swine consultants are equipped with the best products and superior knowledge to help you make the most out of your swine operation. From breeding and farrowing to growing and finishing – our goal is to offer complete feeds and custom mixes that promote healthy animals for your operation. No matter the size of your operation – quality is at the core of our feed program.

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We understand firsthand how critical protecting and promoting the health of your swine operation is. Our swine advisors will help guide you through daily and weekly checks in order to ensure you get the healthiest hogs to market –whether you’re a new swine production or a multi-generation pork producer.

Our team will make routine nursery and finisher evaluation visits to help answer questions and guide our producers in establishing an efficient and profitable operation. Whether you are the farrower or the finisher, we will work with you to provide top-quality feed, swine alignment programs, nutritional advice, budget projections and more establishing you to produce healthy animals at maximum profitability.


Heartland Feed Services offers management services to maximize the productivity on our swine producers’ operations. It is always our top priority to ensure we give our customers and their animals the best of the best through a knowledgeable, well trained team of swine experts + programs. This includes:

Ensuring Proper Care
of the Pigs

Working to Maximize Production Profit Potential

Implementing Pig-Owner Desired Actions Toward Specific Goals

Our full list of livestock management offerings include:

  • Visit farms monthly/bi-monthly or as needed.
  • Assist in maintaining overall health history of the sites serviced.
  • Conduct ventilation assessments and consult with Producer/Owner on air quality issues.
  • Verify that the Inventory Log, Water Log, Temperature Log, and Medication Logs are properly filled out.
  • Monitor maintenance of facility and ensure equipment is working properly.
  • Select and mark hogs for market as directed by the Producer/Owner.
  • Organize load schedule into Nursery, Finisher, then to Packer as directed by the Producer/Owner.
  • Communicate with Hauler/Producer on load schedule.
  • PQA certify producers and site assessment for routine audits.
  • Practice excellent bio-security and sanitation standards when visiting sites.


What Brands of Swine Feed Does Heartland Feed Services offer for its customers?

HFS partners with many different swine feed companies. They include Purina, Kalmbach, Provimi, United Animal Health, MFA Inc, etc. We can also offer other branded swine feeds as requested by our swine producers.

What kind of feed products does Heartland Feed Services Offer?

HFS offers complete grind and mix diets, as well as pre-mixes and base-mixes and VTM’s from our Swine only feed mill in Celina, Ohio. We also offer a complete line of products from Swine Breed to Wean, Nursery, Grow finish products as well as a complete line of show feeds.

Does Heartland Feed Services offer Commodities and Ingredients for sale?

Yes, HFS offers corn, Soybean Meal, DDGS, midds and other ingredients such as amino acids and medications.

Do Heartland Feed Services Customers have access to PHD Nutritionist for consulting on the customers specific needs?

Yes, contact one of our Swine Sales and Services Advisors for more details and to get in contact with one of the PHD Nutritionists HFS works with.

What Services are offered at Heartland Feed Services?

HFS offers swine consulting services including, facility walk throughs, ventilation analysis, marketing opportunities, ration balancing and diet recommendations. Please contact one of our Swine Sales and Services Advisors for more information.

Does Heartland Feed Services have any opportunities for producers who want to stay independent in the Swine Industry?

Yes, HFS offers a selection of independent swine alignment opportunities, packer agreements, pig purchasing, and swine care management programs.

Does Heartland Feed Services offer Contract Grower opportunities?

Yes, whether you are a grower who cares for pigs looking for a contract, or a pig owner looking for someone to raise pigs for your, HFS has a program for you. Contact one of our Swine Sales and Services Advisors for more details.

Ready to work with our team of swine experts?

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