We believe our producers and their animals deserve only the best – which is why we offer top-rated brands to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of our customers’ livestock operations.

Heartland Feed Services has a full line up of feed products and three mills that can mix and deliver feed directly to your farm. Our feed department includes all the products, supplies and ingredients, as well as the service and delivery to assist your operation. Bulk deliveries are available for your convenience.



Today’s dairyman faces the challenges of not only keeping track of the bottom line, but delivering a quality product to kitchen tables nationwide. At Heartland Feed Services, we are equipped with a knowledgeable and driven sales staff willing and able to assist our customers in meeting these challenges and quality products to back them up along the way. Our team of dairy and calf specialists are committed to you, your operation and providing you with top-rated nutritional products during all stages of development for your herd.

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With multiple trucks and efficient mixing + scheduling, our team is able to offer bulk feed delivery to support you and your growing operation.

We believe in a hands-on approach that involves working side-by-side to provide you with the resources you need to produce healthy cattle. Whether you’re looking for a feed analysis, nutritional guidance, industry updates, budgeting or educational opportunities, such as tours of a new feed lot design or milking operation – our team is here to support you and your operation in achieving maximum profitability on your farm.


Offering innovative solutions that optimize the quality, health and performance of your dairy operation is what we do best. Our team of dairy experts are committed to providing customers with products and solutions that will improve profitability and optimize the health of their herd.




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When should I start to introduce calf starter to my bottle calves?

We suggest offering a good quality starter within the first 3 days of birth. Offering small amounts of starter early on will allow your calves to find and introduce themselves to starter intakes sooner. Always offer free choice water.

How much milk replacer should I be feeding my calves?

Heartland Feed Services offers many different milk replacer and calf programs. Every farm is different and our calf and heifer specialists work with each operation to help you determine your growth goals and how to reach them.

Should I be feeding probiotics?

Maintaining a healthy gut is always important in every calf, but all probiotics are not the same. While some probiotics are more calf specific then others, we encourage you to work with your feed specialist to help maintain a healthy gut environment in your calves.

Can I make up for a lower ADG during the milk phase by feeding more during the grower phase?

This is called compensatory gain, and the answer is no. While it may cost less to put weight on an animal as he or she gets older, you lose the efficiency as a young animal and you cannot make up for the lost gain opportunities at a young age during the grower stage or beyond.

At what age should I be weaning my calves?

Most commonly dairy replacement heifers are kept on milk for 7 to 8 weeks, where dairy bull calves may be weaned a week earlier around 6-7 weeks. Weaning can vary on each farm depending on your current program and growth goals.

Is there a way I can utilize my whole milk on farm?

Yes, in addition to milk replacer we offer a balancer product that can boost your whole milk to help your calves put on both frame growth and weight to get your calves off to a better start, while still being able to use on farm milk.  Talk with one of the Heartland Feed Services calf and heifer specialists to build a plan that gives your calves a balanced nutrition program.

Does Heartland Feed Services offer a nutrition program for automated calf feeders?

Yes, Heartland Feed Services’ calf and heifer specialists can work with you to come up with a feeding program individualized to your farm and growth goals.

Does Heartland offer ingredient mixes, as well as Purina Programs?

Yes, we work with both programs. Heartland Feed Services Feed Advisors can provide nutritional advise and customized diets to meet your nutritional needs. We also work with several individual consultants and provide manufacturing and delivery based upon their recommendations.

What is required to have a diet balanced to meet animal’s requirements?

We can have a feed advisor pull your forage samples, have them sent to a lab for testing & provide you with the balanced diet that incorporates your forage analysis.

Can Heartland offer grain bank services for local mixed diets, if a producer has their own grain?

Yes, we offer free grain bank services for producers, with grain, who also do their feed business with Heartland Feed Services. Corn must be delivered to a Heartland Feed Location.

Can purchased feed qualify for patronage refund?

Yes, if you own a share of stock ($10 cost). Stock must be purchased before the end of the fiscal year to qualify. Refund is determined at the end of each fiscal year.

Does Heartland Feed Services offer feed and grain contracting to lock in their feed costs?

Yes, we can provide pricing for corn, supplements and some ingredients. Contact your Heartland Feed Advisor for more information.

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