We believe our producers and their animals deserve only the best – which is why we offer top-rated brands to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of our customers’ livestock operations.

Heartland Feed Services has a full line up of feed products and three mills that can mix and deliver feed directly to your farm. Our feed department includes all the products, supplies and ingredients, as well as the service and delivery to assist your operation. Bulk deliveries are available for your convenience.



Success in the beef industry is measured not only by the “bottom line but also the quality of product that enters the market. We believe that you deserve a feed partner that is equipped with not only the products and services you need to be successful, but also the staff to support you and your operation throughout the years to come. As your premier beef cattle resource, we are committed to improving the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your beef cattle operation.

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With multiple trucks and efficient mixing + scheduling, our team is able to offer bulk feed delivery to support you and your growing operation.

We believe in a hands-on approach that involves working side-by-side to provide you with the resources you need to produce healthy cattle. Whether you’re looking for a feed analysis, nutritional guidance, industry updates, budgeting or educational opportunities, such as tours of a new feed lot design or milking operation – our team is here to support you and your operation in achieving maximum profitability on your farm.


Our team of experienced nutritionists and livestock professionals are focused on improving the herd health and performance of your beef cattle. We do this through offering customer specific, progressive solutions that greatly improve the nutritional needs on your farm, including:

Calf Sourcing
(Holstein & Beef Cross)

Feeder Sourcing
(Holstein & Beef Cross)

Cost Projections

Ration Consulting

Facilities Recommendations

Custom Ingredient Mixes

Purina Feeding Programs

Purina Tubs


How many ounces of milk replacer should I feed in the winter?

In most cases, you should mix 12 oz. in 2 qts. of water. ( Full potential programs will be higher)  The solids should be consistent.

Changing the solids by 1% can cause induce scours.

Do I need to offer feed water to calves from day 1 of age?

Yes, most calves will check it out & may not drink a lot at first. But they will increase their volume as time goes on.

When should I offer starter feed to newborn calves?

We would recommend by 5-7 days of age. They will usually just nibble at first so offer small amounts & keep it fresh.

Should I offer a higher fat than protein (20-24) for winter time feeding strategy?

You always want a higher protein than fat in milk replacer. Higher protein will promote muscle & bone development. Higher fat will cause the calf to have post weaning lag.

Should I feed more volume of milk solution or just add more solids?

You should feed the same formula, just more of the same formula. (Especially when its single digit temperatures)

Does Heartland offer feed contracts to lock in prices of ingredients & Purina Supplements?

Yes, we can provide pricing for ingredients, Purina formula feeds, as well as QLF liquid programs.

Is there ration balancing to see what programs can work the best on my operation?

Heartland has 8 sales consultants that can make recommendations to fit your operations’ goals.

Can Heartland run breakeven cost projections for feedlot cattle?

We can assist with projects on breakeven costs, based on current & future market conditions.

Does Heartland offer any "Natural Beef’ feeding programs?

Heartland does have several “Natural Type” programs that can provide you with the nutrition from birth to market type programs. Have one of our consultants show you which would work best in your operation.

Can Heartland assist on building renovation & new building design?

Our field consultants work with many types & styles of buildings. They can troubleshoot what might be your best options or direct you to other contacts that could assist.

Does Heartland have block or tub programs for cow & heifer programs?

Yes, we offer Purina protein & mineral tubs. Booking programs are offered several times a year as well.

How about a mineral feeding program?

We have a full line of mineral products from Purina.

Is QLF Liquid Feeds available through Heartland?

Yes, we carry a full line of QLF Products & can work on custom design products.

Does Heartland have creep feeds for new calves?

Yes, we carry several different products, including Ampli Calf (one of the most most popular products in the industry).

Is forage sampling available through Heartland to balance diets for my brood cows & heifers?

Yes, we offer testing & can balance diets for all ages of cattle.

Does Heartland carry Show Feeds?

Yes, we carry Purina Show Feeds & can also custom design products to meet your needs as well.

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